Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bellingham Washington Environs


We had old friends (Joe Beard and Marj Powell) with us on Thursday and Friday last week. He is an avid photographer and took over 400 photos. Here are a few of them that I am passing on to you so you can get an idea of our living environment, not only around the house but nearby. Victoria, BC, Canada is only 3 hrs. by boat through some magnificent islands.
Mt. Baker is but one hour from the house by auto. Big Rock Garden Park was our former nursery and garden. It is now the city sculpture garden. We access it by our private gate since it is adjacent to our home garden.

Lake Whatcom, Washington

Joe Beard writes:

While in Bellingham we visited the Drake home several times and a pleasure it was. Their place is in woods overlooking Lake Whatcom which we stopped by on our way to their house. The area surrounding the house is filled with collected objects as is the interior -- like visiting a museum in itself. George and Mary Ann have done a marvelous job of creating the home of their lives.

Check out his albums of pictures here:

1) Lake Whatcom and the Drake Home

2) Visit To Mount Baker and Snoqualmie National Forest

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