Friday, August 1, 2008

Small World - Allenwood Grade School

Small world we live in. I saw an old friend today, who asked if I was still deep into Scouting. I gave him a brief run though. We talked about fishing, working at his farm when I was in college, and then I brought up our ongoing exchanges. As I related more of your youth years as a Scout, he said, what is his name? When I said George Drake he roared.

John Geiser was in the 7th grade and you were the 8th grade. The small school had the two classes combined. He told me he was the fastest boy or girl in the school for several years, until your family moved in. Apparently you were just as fast, but much taller than John, and your long legs were just too much for him.

He would love to hear from you. He is a Sportswriter for the Asbury Park Press. He has been with them for, gosh maybe the mid-50's. He and my Dad were hunting and fishing buddies. They took my twin brother along on many "adventures". He used many of them in his weekend articles, because they were outrageous and really did not need much, if any embellishment to make them fun stories.He is known for his fishing coverage, particularly salt water. You can pick get the APP online, and go to the weekly Fishing Section which he edits.

He is a farmer at heart. He has about 20 acres here in Wall with his wife and son George. They have a very good summer farm market. You go in and get all the local news while you get fresh vegetables.

BTW; He envies your azalea growing climate.

Bill Pearce
Kikey Ktemaque Auwen Takachsin

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