Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Badge Collection

As I look around at all the scouting stuff I have here I have decided that I will send to you the negatives of the pictures of each page of that collection of badges. You can have them printed or do what you want with them. I have a set of 4" x 6" prints of each negative. That is all that I need for anything further that I will do with the collection. Somewhere I have a copy of the index to the collection and over time I might find it as I go through all my 'stuff.'

Chris Roberts, founder of the Phoenix Patrol of Montana (Google 'Melita Island' and you will find his web site.) just called me and we talked for over one hour. He was excited as all hell at my story of the hike up Mt. McDonald. He is the person most responsible for saving Melita Island as a scout camp. His experiences with some senior BSA folks was less than inspiring.

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