Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reponse to Spitz

In 1960 I was a 30-year-old high school teacher in Pacific Grove, California. I did not attend any more BSA jamborees after the 1950 event.

I don't remember Bob Schwab by name but have good photos of some of the guys from Monmouth Council who were there. when I can get to it I will send you a scan of the photos.

I won't get to it for a while though as I am currently hosting a delegation of 15 Japanese visitors. On Friday they will be at my house for lunch so I have to clean up the garden.... which is a 1-acre North West Japanese garden with the stone water fall, dry stone pond, wet pond garden, moss garden, etc. Best of all is the 'borrowed scenery' [shakei] where, when standing on the deck off our living room, one looks over the dry pond garden and the pruned row of cedar trees to look at the lake beyond. The dry pond in the near distance replicates the real lake in the far distance. Even this late in the season we have azaleas from Japan blooming, the Nakahari tsutsugi. When the PRC first opened after Nixon's visit I imported the first ever collection of hybrid azaleas from the Peoples Republic of China and traded cuttings from them for hybrids from many growers in several countries. I am still owed over 2,000 varieties of azaleas by growers/hybridizers in the US. But I no longer am involved in that activity.


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