Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Response from Pearce

I grew up as a Scout with Larry Heppa, from Troop 31 in Spring Lake. T 31 and my Troop 69 went everywhere together. (adjacent towns)

I believe he was an adult leader in 1950 at Valley Forge. I could be wrong, because he was also at the 1957 asnd 1960 Jamborees. I was too young for them.

He was my Scoutmaster at the 1964 Jamboree at Valley Forge.

I am sure you will hear from Steve Buckley.

He and I were Philmont 1966.

He is also curator of our NJ Scout Museum. Which is bursting at the seams with memoribila, but nothing as seemingly as broad and rich as yours.

Personally I have not had the opportunity to take Scouting as broadly as you. But I have wonderful friends in many places, because we share Scouting. Regardless of rank.

I believe in my heart, that I have a friend anywhere in the world, once I find a Scout. Language and customs are impediments, but Scouting is the universal bond.

Bill Pearce

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