Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pearce Introduces Forestburg Scout Reservation

As you know, the Indian traditions are deep throughout Scouting.
Many think it is "show" for the boys. But as you say, when close to nature , which is why Baden Powell took to the woods with Scouting, you get to the core of yourself real fast. The American Indians have it right.

This song was sung to open campfires in our Forestburg summer camp for many years.
When sung properly by a "Chief" high above the campfire ring on a rock face cliff, with the setting sun just about to drop the site into darkness, it sends any boy, and many others, into that special place in your soul that no building, doors, or pulpit can match.

Sadly the tradition was dropped years ago by those who did not understand the words, not the intent. They went "modern", and few of the openings I have seen since are worthy to set the right tone and mystery of a campfire in woods with only a waterfall, a frog croak and insect noises in the background.

You were away from Monmouth Council when we bought and developed this camp in 1956. The waterfall (75 feet), the cliff (40 feet) the 1200 acres with 25 miles of trails, the 70 acre lake, all within 3 hours of our county. Is very special. About 12 miles north of Port Jervis, NY on route 42.


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